Entry information in Rizhao Library

Library Guide

1.Open time for public :
Summer: 8 : 30-18 : 30
Winter : 8 : 30-17 : 30.

2.The reader into the library must pass the security check, library card(IC Card) must be used to enter the reading room.

The reader may handle library card to the application counter at the front desk . Children into the library must be accompanied by their guardians.

3.Forbidden fire in the library , No smoking in the library. Non school supplies and valuables are strictly prohibited in the library.Please put bags and other personal belongs not needed for use in the Library in the lockers.

4.Please keep quiet in the library,Don’t play, slapstick, whistle or make noise in the library. Mobile phones should be transferred to vibration position in advance, Please answer you phone at the corridor in a low voice.Don’t affect other readers.

5.Please keep the library clean.No spitting and littering randomly in the library. Forbidden snacks in the library.

6.No grabbing seats in the lending areas and study areas.

7.Please take care of the library facilities.No scribbling on the walls,doors,desks in the library.No pedalling desks and chairs.

8.Don’t engage in the activities,which has nothing to do with the services provided by the library.

9.Do not bring pets into the library.

10.Please obey the library rules and regulations.Those who violate the regulations will be criticized or punished.

Front desk telephone:0633-7970888,0633-7970866
Office telephone:0633-7970800
Rizhao library